Jake’s story

Jake is passionate about creating a creative space for young people in Camborne and the wider South West region. Coming from Camborne and being a talented musician himself, Jake experienced first hand how challenging it is to be taken seriously on the music scene as a young Cornish man. The challenge only energised him to pursue his ambitions more.  

Jake is the most viewed musician on YouTube in the whole of the south west region. He has toured Europe as the support act for Craig David’s comeback tour. He is extremely talented. Jake recognises that because of his experience in the music industry, he has credibility and is inspirational to other young people in the region who aspire to become musicians but think that it will never happen as they won’t be taken seriously.

Jake wanted to use his credibility and experience to inspire creativity and success in other young people in his hometown, Camborne. He hoped that by providing positive and rewarding experiences in a creative space, other young people would be inspired to pursue study opportunities or careers in the music/arts. He had a fantastic idea how to do this but without any help or guidance, he didn’t know if it was possible or how to achieve it. He comments: 

“I wanted to create a creative space for young people in Camborne. It’s where I’m from and I want to help tackle the high levels of deprivation and provide a space that is inspiring, educational and sustainable.” 

When Jake started working with his Game Changer Navigator, George, he found a mature and reassuring voice who believed in him and encouraged him to pursue his ambition to set up a social enterprise. George comments: 

“For a young person to have been through what Jake has been through and to remain so kind, so driven and so positive is exceedingly rare. I saw my role with Jake in very simple terms: to confirm that what he thought was possible was definitely possible, especially if he could avoid some of the glaring errors I’d made in the past trying to achieve similar. 

After giving him the initial encouragement to go for it, and seeing him go way beyond even my wildest expectations, my role has now become to champion him and introduce him to people and organisations that may be able to help him on his journey.” 

Jake is now the owner of Hungry Sounds Studios. He has created a hub for young people that he didn’t have when he was growing up. A space where their skills and talents will be taken seriously. A creative outlet and community resource. 

Hungry Sounds Studios has just started and is already working with aspiring musicians in the area, as well as local schools and social services. He is well on his way to achieving his ambitions.  

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