Strong Women

Over the past few weeks the women of Talent Match and Game Changer have been taking part in a Strength training programme run by our Mid Coach team at Jolly Sailors Crossfit in Penryn.
The team of women have been working hard to build their strength and confidence. This week we had another great session with one member saying that the strength programme is helping her to “Slowly progress to be a better me”.
The session involved putting some lifts they have learnt in previous sessions into a super fun workout!
As a women realising how strong you are physically and mentally is a very empowering discovery. Gyms can be quite intimidating, this strength programme is co-designed with the women who join it and the PT Coach at the gym. You can join in at any stage of the programme and no experience is necessary.
Build your strength and confidence in a friendly group of girls and join us for iced coffees and snacks afterwards!

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