Young entrepreneur meets Lottery CEO

He only established his recording studio 3 weeks ago, but already Jake Small has been keeping some impressive company. On Tuesday he met with Dawn Austwick OBE, CEO of Big Lottery, to share the story of how he and his friends set up Hungry Sounds Studios, a social enterprise that offers young people a chance to express themselves and build confidence through music.

Jake attended an event hosted by Cornwall Neighbourhoods for Change that showcased all the projects across West Cornwall that have been supported by Lottery funding. Jake was among seven young people to speak about their experiences on Game Changer, a programme funded by The Lottery and the European Social Fund for 15-24 year olds who are looking to get into work or education.

Commenting on the support he has received, Jake said, “I’ve had support from the lottery throughout my journey; first through 4 Elementz CIC and now with Game Changer. Part of the mission of Hungry Sounds Studio is to give opportunities to young people who are living in one of the poorest parts of Europe. It feels great to now be the one giving the support after all the help I’ve received.”

The Lottery chief was moved to hear Jake’s progress, commenting, “this is the best bit of my job…what really makes it all worth while and reminds me of how important Lottery funding is – actually meeting folk like you, real people whose lives are changed by some of the things that we fund, who are changing their own lives and the lives of others. It’s a phenomenally rewarding experience.”

Jake’s studio has already established links with two local schools and is open for bookings from anyone who would like to take their first steps in music. Jake believes, “Cornwall has so much creative talent, and with the explosion of the internet it really is the case that anyone can make a career in music if they are willing to work hard and can get access to the right support.

We can’t make you work hard, but if you’re passionate about music, the Hungry Sounds Studio team is here to support you to begin making your musical dreams come true.”

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